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What’s the Difference Between the Jade PVAs?

Good question!  There are 4 varieties of Jade PVA:  Jade 403, Jade 711, Jade R and Jade Thick.  But before we get into the specifics, let’s first talk about Jade itself.

Jade is an acid-free PVA (polyvinyl acetate) adhesive that dries clear and flexible.  It is fast drying, water soluble when wet, and permanent when dry.  If it dries in your glue brushes, sorry but you’re out of luck!  Since it is permanent, there is no removing it when dry.  So be sure to keep your brushes wet, or clean immediately when using the Jade 403 and 711.

It is a popular bookbinding glue sought after for the properties mentioned above, as it will not crack along the spine of your book.  It is great for box making applications, adhering paper to paper, cloth to wood, leather, filling in cracks in art canvases, and repairing ceramic objects.  It’s a great all around acid-free adhesive.

Ok, now onto the specifics:

Jade 403 is the most popular of the Jade adhesives, and is considered to be the benchmark product.  Do not be mislead by other lesser products on the market.  Not all PVAs are made equally, and a Neutral pH Adhesive is not the same as Jade PVA.

Jade 711 is similar to the 403, but the characteristic odor has been greatly reduced.  Most people are not bothered by the 403 aroma, but for those are the 711 is a good alternative.

Jade R is the water reversible option.  This means that the dried adhesive can be reactivated with water.  This makes it ideal for conservation work where reversibility is of concern.  It’s also great for those times when you accidentally let your brushes dry full of glue – we’ve all been there!  Simply soak the brush in water, the glue will reactivate, and your brushes will be spared.

Jade Thick has the same great strength and aging properties as our Jade 403, but with a much thicker consistency. This more viscous version is great for box making; specifically for applying glue to the edge of boards for attaching walls on boxes. The thick glue is also useful for gluing the spine of a text block when applying spine reinforcement material.

All four options can be thinned with water, and the open time can be increased by mixing with Wheat Paste.  Prep instructions can be found here.  If the quick-drying is problematic, we also recommend using a Glue-Bot.  It’s a great tool for glue on the spot, without having to worry about cleaning your brushes.

To conclude, Jade 403 is your standard option, Jade 711 is the less smelly option, Jade R is the reversible option, and Jade Thick is the more viscous option.

Thanks for sticking with TALAS!  (pun definitely intended)

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